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Celebrating Community -

St Luke's Rededication Weekend

Rev'd Andy Patrick writes:

"​What a wonderful, joy-filled weekend. I'm thoroughly shattered, especially as my one-year old deemed it a wise time to give us only three hours sleep! ​The events of the weekend ​were a celebration of our community and the things that God is doing among us.​ They also ​​mar​​k​ed​ our ​re-​designation as a Parish Centre of Worship, which sounds very churchy but roughly translates as ‘an excuse to have a party’​.​
St Luke’s is a special place – a home from home. It’s a place of faith, hope, and love. There is a unique family feel where children can be themselves, and where we hope everyone feels welcomed and loved. The aim of ​our special weekend ​was​ to give thanks for these things and to celebrate the links we have with our ​community".​ 

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